Cabinet gives new visa concession a thumbs up

Cabinet announced a month ago that stricter visa regulations were being amended.

Picture: Wikimedia Commons.

JOHANNESBURG - The Home Affairs Department says Cabinet has given the new visa concessions the green light.

Cabinet announced over a month ago that regulations requiring biometric visas for tourists and unabridged birth certificates were being amended, following an outcry from the tourism industry.

The department met with tourism stakeholders in Sandton today, to discuss the latest changes.

Home Affairs Director General Mkuseli Apleni says the changes to the visa requirements have already been implemented.

"Cabinet further endorsed that the department should facilitate the legal instrument to implement the recommendations."

Apleni says the concessions will be rolled out in different phases.

"Other concessions have to take effect within three months to one year, with those that are long term extended beyond one year."

As the festive season gets underway, the department has reiterated that the regulations for those travelling with children have not changed.

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