CT young minds score a date with the Queen

Young entrepreneurs from Cape Town, Jessica Dewhurst & Lethabo Letube will have a rare opportunity to meet Queen Elizabeth.

Two young Capetonians, Jessica Dewhurst who is Co-Founder of the Social Justice & Advocacy Desk For South Central Africa and Lethabo Letube, the chairperson of Great Corner Lugna Gatan (a youth-focused crime intervention initiative), have earned themselves a date with Queen Elizabeth.

Through their dedicated work in their respective communities, the two young girls have been given the opportunity to meet with the Queen and discuss the work they do.

Their projects are mostly aimed at reducing crime by taking young people off the streets, dealing with social ills, educating young people about social justice, charity work and discussing challenges faced by young people in South Africa.

Listen to the SoundCloud above as they chat about their projects.

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