Analysts react with concern to van Rooyen's appointment

Political analysts are working out what the consequences of this decision could be.

Former Merafong Mayor David van Rooyen has replaced Nhlanhla Nene as Minister of Finance. Picture: Merafong Facebook page.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma's decision to replace Nhlanhla Nene with David van Rooyen has been met with concerns.

Political analysts are working out what the consequences of this decision could be.

Political analyst Ralph Mathekga says it looks like Luthuli House was not a part of this decision.

"There is no indication that this appointment was consulted upon within the ANC."

Considering that this is the key ministry in government, that's surprising.

It may mean that some people in the party could grow frustrated with Zuma's decisions.

Other parts of the party, particularly in Gauteng, may also worry that they will feel a backlash from this decision during next year's local government elections.


Meanwhile, Van Rooyen has been described as a "good man" by residents living in an area once under his leadership.

He was mayor of the Merafong Municipality from 2001 until 2009.

The finance minister's house was burnt down by residents there during a municipal demarcation protest in 2005.

Where van Rooyen's house used to stand is now a vacant plot of land, but his former neighbours say he was a good mayor and his house shouldn't have been burnt down.

WATCH: Despite torching his house, Khutsong residents wish van Rooyen well.

A resident says there was no corruption when he was mayor.

"I feel good about this because he's a good man and we've never read anything from our local newspaper that money is lost during van Rooyen's period."

The markets may have reacted badly to van Rooyen's appointment but community members have expressed pride at having lived next to him

Many have wished him luck in the new job.

While the news has been met with approval some have questioned his track-record as mayor.

"There are no houses, water and the streets aren't tarred and he was the mayor for almost two terms."

Despite this criticism many residents say they are confident that as finance minister, van Rooyen will be able to halt the rand's slide against all major currencies.

While his former neighbours have nothing but praise for him, a Khutsong businessman doesn't believe his appointment was a good idea.

"It wasn't a good idea at all. When Nhlanhla Nene was a minister the rand went down, now what is going to happen with this van Rooyen? Is he not going to be worse?"


The newly appointed finance minister says he wants to make his news department, as well as Treasury, more accessible to the average South African.

"National Treasury is the axis of our development agenda. It must be accessible and we are going to strive to make sure we improve on the achievements that have been realised by tjose who came before us."

Van Rooyen says he is committed to enabling an environment that encourages investment and growth in South Africa.