CSA in talks with Facebook over hacking

The page was hacked and flooded with links to explicit adult websites.

Cricket South Africa's Facebook page was hacked.

JOHANNESBURG - Cricket South Africa (CSA) will now begin talks with Facebook in South Africa to find out who was behind hacking its page, which was flooded with links to explicit adult websites overnight.

CSA's page is followed by 3.3 million people and after hackers gained access to it, they removed CSA officials as administrators.

Earlier this morning the explicit content was removed and CSA issued an apology to its fans.

Good morning everyone.We would like to apologize for the inappropriate posts that came off this page during the course...

Posted by Cricket South Africa on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Spokesperson Altaaf Kazi said they have also now upgraded security settings.

"I've been in touch with the Facebook people in South Africa to see how we can avoid something like this and engage further to set up our security settings again."

Earlier Kazi said, "All the people who have admin rights on Cricket South Africa's page were kicked out, so we couldn't get into Cricket South Africa's page. We've since then contacted Facebook and done all the necessary procedures to ensure that the account is taken down. There has been no negligence from our side as far as I'm aware."