Grayston Bridge collapse: Two injured in final stages of recovery

Murray & Roberts’ Ed Jardim says two patients are in the final stages of their rehabilitation.

The scaffolding of a pedestrian bridge under construction in Sandton collapsed on 14 October 2015. Picture: Twitter @tutpack.

JOHANNESBURG - Construction company Murray & Roberts says two of the 19 people injured in the Grayston Bridge collapse are still in the final stages of recovery.

In October, two people were killed while 23 others were injured when the structure collapsed across the M1 highway.

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The company, which is being investigated for its part in the tragedy, has assisted with some of the victims' medical and funeral costs.

Murray & Roberts' Ed Jardim says two patients are in the final stages of their rehabilitation.

"Two of the injured are in a rehabilitation programme, it's just to assist in the final stages."

He says the remaining 17 victims have recovered well following medical treatment.

"We assisted the recovery of the 19 people who were injured and they have been released from hospital."


At the same time, Murray & Roberts has been granted permission to move the scaffolding of a collapsed bridge under construction near Grayston Drive in Sandton.

Following a preliminary investigation into the cause of the structures collapse in October, the company was prohibited from continuing any work at the scene.

With a commission of inquiry now underway, Murray & Roberts has been ordered to move the parts, which will be used as evidence.

Commissioner Lenny Samuel says remnants of the scaffolding will have to be moved to a secure site for inspection.

Jardim says the process will be complicated.

The lengthy process to move the remnants is one of the factors that has contributed to delays in an engineering report on the quality of the materials.