'Violent protests delayed painting project in Masiphumelele'

A councillor claims a plan to coat shacks in the area with fire retardant paint was cancelled.

Masiphumelele residents have started rebuilding their homes that were gutted by a fire. Picture: chrispreenphotography.com

CAPE TOWN - A Masiphumelele councillor claims a plan to coat shacks in the area with fire resistant paint was cancelled due to violent protests.

This morning, Eyewitness News revealed the roll-out in the community near Fish Hoek was scheduled for November, weeks before a devastating fire ravaged over 1,100 shacks that killed two people and left around 4,500 destitute.

Councillor Felicity Purchase says the campaign was scheduled for launch in Masiphumelele in November.

"Due to the civil unrest that was experienced at that time, the project managers decided it was better to do that in Phumlane. They were under time constraints and they wanted to be done as soon as possible."

Transception, the manufacturer of the fire retardant paint, told EWN the devastation caused by Sunday's fire could've been mitigated had they painted 3,000 shacks in November as was planned.

The City of Cape Town has since confirmed it's meeting with a supplier to provide some fire retardant paint to Masiphumelele residents rebuilding their homes.