Ongoing drought leads to water restrictions in E Cape

The OR Tambo District Municipality is implementing water restrictions due to low reservoir levels.


JOHANNESBURG - The ongoing drought has now started to affect areas of the Eastern Cape, with the OR Tambo District Municipality implementing water restrictions due to low reservoir levels and boreholes drying up.

Most of the areas affected include villages in Libode, Ngqeleni, Lusikisiki and Port St Johns.

Despite some rainfall over the eastern coastal regions, officials in the area have reportedly admitted that dam levels are concerning.

The restrictions announced in the OR Tambo District include water cuts between 10am and 3pm every day for the entire municipality.

The water affairs department started raising concerns about the dropping levels in the dams in October and says the situation has now worsened.

The area is home to thousands of subsistence and cattle farmers who will now rely on the water tankers dispatched to the area.

The weather service has forecast thunder showers for parts of the Eastern Cape today and for now it's unclear how long these restrictions will last.

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