'Current language policy won’t promote inclusivity'

Stellenbosch University’s SRC says the council has not dealt with issues that continue to split students.

FILE: Earlier this year Open Stellenbosch has released a documentary titled 'Luister', which presents racism experiences of more than 30 students and a lecturer at the university. Picture: Youtube screengrab.

CAPE TOWN - Stellenbosch University's Student Representative Council (SRC) says the current language policy at the institution won't promote inclusivity.

It's reacted to the university council's rejection of management's proposal to make English the primary language.

Many student groups, including the SRC, have over the past few months been calling for a fast-track of transformation at the university and applauded management's decision to boost English as the _lingua franca _at the historically Afrikaans university.

However, the council has decided to maintain the 2014 language policy, where English and Afrikaans are on an equal status.

The SRC's James de Villiers says the decision is disconcerting.

"We see this sentiment as confirmation and that the council continues the status quo, instead of dealing with the language issue, which ultimately we exclude many students. We really expect council to show leadership in finding innovative solutions to deal with the language issues. Unfortunately they chose to continue with what is already in place."