ANC accuses WC Premier of 'misusing public funds'

The Western Cape legislature is expected to debate a motion to impeach Helen Zille this afternoon.

Outgoing Democratic alliance leader Helen Zille during her final address as party head at the party's national congress in Port Elizabeth. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The African National Congress (ANC) in the Western Cape said Premier Helen Zille has not only misused taxpayers' money but also lied and brought the provincial legislature into disrepute.

The Western Cape legislature is expected to debate a motion to impeach Zille this afternoon.

It has emerged the provincial government had hired a private investigator several years ago to debug her mobile phone and those of her cabinet colleagues.

But the ANC claims the investigator, who has since been criminally charged, was hired to spy on opposition and Democratic Alliance members.

The ANC's Marius Fransman accused Zille of lying about not knowing what she was doing.

"This was a policeman. As a Premier, not following the process in terms of Saps. But, for example was able to identify this policeman… but to do a private service provider on this thing. But she was not able to go to Saps and register the formal complainant processes; that sounds very ironic."

But Zille denies this, saying she has not violated any laws.

"This is an entirely vicious and frivolous motion because even the ANC hasn't said what law I'm alleged to have broken.

"They keep claiming that I've broken the law but they can never mention which law and when they have in the past named a few laws and we've looked at them, they is absolutely nothing in them that I and the provincial government have violated."