Auditor-General impressed as WC, GP obtain clean audits

The Annual Audit Report revealed R936m in wasteful & fruitless expenditure over the past financial year.

Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu. Picture: AGSA.

JOHANNESBURG - Auditor-General Kimi Makwetu says he's most impressed with the clean audits obtained by Gauteng and the Western Cape in the past financial year.

Makwetu says while there's been a slight improvement with government departments and how they spend, efficiency needs to be prioritised for 2016.

The Annual Audit Report has revealed R936 million in wasteful and fruitless expenditure over the past financial year.

Makwetu says R25.7 billion was calculated as irregular expenditure and R936 million in fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

He says spending can be controlled if proper processes are followed.

But he's commended two provinces on their performance.

"I'm very impressed with the Western Cape as well as the Gauteng province because they've had quite a significant number of departments that achieved good audit outcomes, reflecting proper systems and transparency."

Makwetu says the government audit shows a slight improvement but added that the state has been slow to respond to his recommendations.


Makwetu says government departments need to urgently address their spending habits after his report exposed several inefficiencies.

He says he's concerned about money that has been wasted or misused by government departments, despite the fact that the figures have decreased compared to the previous period.

"For example, a department could buy a whole host of computer equipment and then go store it in a storeroom because they have not developed a training programme for the staff who are going to use the computers. It's concerning because it's controllable."

At the same time, Makwetu has confirmed Limpopo education was the worst performing department over the past financial year, which hasn't been disputed - especially in light of textbooks not being delivered to schools.

He says departments need to urgently assess how to spend their budgets in the next financial year.