Thousands gather for Pope's first mass in Africa

Queues formed overnight & over a million people are expected to attend Pope Francis’s mass in Nairobi.

Pope Francis has arrived in Kenya to hold his first Mass in Africa at the University of Nairobi. Picture: Uhuru Kenyatta official Facebook page.

KENYA - Thousands of people have started arriving at the University of Nairobi, where Pope Francis will hold his first mass in Africa.

The queues formed overnight and over a million people are expected to attend.

On Wednesday, the pontiff held bilateral talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The sky darkened as Pope Francis made his way through the Kenyan capital.

But a far more worrying cloud hangs over the country - widespread corruption.

It's something that pre-occupied Kenyatta and he pleaded with the pontiff to pray for him and his fight against graft.

"Your holiness like you, we want to combat the vices of corruption which sacrifice people and the environment in the pursuit of illegal profit. It misdirects resources, sows hatred and divides our people. We know we must win this war and it falls on me to lead it and Holy Father I ask for your prayer."

This visit comes just a day after Kenyatta fired five cabinet ministers accused of corruption.

But that's not the only issue facing the country.

Pope Francis chose to focus on other challenges.

"Experience shows violence, conflict and terrorism feed on fear and mistrust and despair born of poverty and frustration. Ultimately the struggle against the enemies of peace must be carried on by men and women who believe in democracy."

It wasn't all doom and gloom however, the pontiff also struck a hopeful note, saying he looked forward to meeting many young people on his visit as he hopes to inspire them to create a better country.