Pikitup strike on hold for now

The protest has been suspended as Samwu’s leadership gears up to meet ANC officials.

FILE: Striking Pikitup employees affiliated to Samwu in a stand off with police earlier this week. Picture: Kgothatso Mogale/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Municipal Workers' Union' s (Samwu) leadership say they are willing to end the Pikitup strike as soon as possible, but are adamant that their salary demands must be met.

#PikitupStrike Workers say they want a basic salary of R10k. MK pic.twitter.com/Ssfk3xBzz7

#PikitupStrike Koadibane says workers are ill treated. He says they need salary increases. MK pic.twitter.com/dGt6qcU6Pz

Samwu says it made numerous attempts to communicate with management, but the strike was the last resort.

Pikitup management obtained a court interdict yesterday preventing the strike from continuing.

The company then gave workers a final ultimatum to return to their posts, but the strike resumed this morning.

WATCH: Striking Pikitup employees leave parts of Braamfontein in a stench

The protest has now been put on hold as Samwu's leadership gears up to meet ANC officials.

The union's Paul Tlhabang said, "This strike might end by the end of the weekend but that will only be determined by management."

Most workers appear to have gone home for the day.