Khayelitsha's Site C residents warn protests will continue

Residents have had illegal electricity connections to their homes taken down.

A sign warning of high electrical current, hangs redundantly on a pylon in Khayelitsha, as wires from illegal connections run around it. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Some Khayelitsha residents who have had illegal electricity connection s to their homes taken down have warned they will continue to protest until power is restored.

Angry residents of the site C community torched a truck yesterday during a protest.

The illegal connections had been strung up over railway lines in the area which affected Metrorail services.

At least two families have been left homeless following yesterday's protests.

Demonstrators set a truck alight on Mew Way Bridge, sending it crashing into several shacks, which were then gutted.

Resident Simbongile Dlokolo said, "I'm very sad about what happened with the shacks, it's very unfortunate I won't lie about that. I'm not a person who supports violence, I believe in engaging on talks most of the time."

A local councillor said community leaders are planning to meet with city of Cape Town next week.