4 dead, dozens injured in Egypt car bomb attack

Police opened fire on the bomber who tried to gain entry to a hotel housing several judges in North Sinai.

Emergency personnel and security forces stand next to ambulances outside the Swiss Inn hotel in the Egyptian town of El-Arish, in the Sinai peninsula, following an attack on the hotel by two suicide bombers and a gunman on 24 November 2015. Picture: AFP

CAIRO - Scores of people have been rushed to hospital after a deadly car bombing outside a hotel.

The blast was detonated outside the venue housing several judges in the country's North Sinai.

It's being reported at least four people have been killed, including the bomber.

Today's attack comes just a day after the second round of a parliamentary election closed.

It's believed the suicide bomber tried to drive the car bomb into the hotel premises but was stopped by security forces who opened fire.

No has officially claimed responsibility for the attack.

Egyptians in that area are shaken by what has happened as it was the second day of parliamentary elections, which have been quiet until now.

The bomber and three others, two policemen and a judge were killed. Two other judges, seven policemen and five hotel staff were injured.

The hotel and the surrounding area are still cordoned off.

"This brutal incident is a failed attempt to hinder the state from building its institution but we assure all that it will increase the drive and insistence of the armed forces and the interior ministry to weed out the roots of terrorism in North Sinai," a military statement read.

Islamic State's Egypt affiliate, Sinai Province, has carried out similar attacks in the region as part of its bid to topple the Cairo government.

Additional reporting by Reuters.