Senior EC municipal official faces murder charge

A man died when he was hit by the official’s bakkie during protests at the Buffalo City Municipal office.

FILE: Picture: SAPS

CAPE TOWN - Eastern Cape Police have confirmed a senior Buffalo City Municipality official who allegedly ran over an employee will be charged with attempted murder.

A 53-year-old man, who was part of a protesting group, died when he was hit by the vehicle on Friday.

It's alleged a manager at the municipality rammed his bakkie into a gate where the workers had gathered outside municipal offices.

The official was hospitalised after fainting while reporting the matter to the police.

The police's Mluleki Mbi says they are waiting for him to be discharged from hospital.

"We are told he has been at admitted to a health facility in East London for rehabilitation as well. He is not yet charged with the crime he is suspected to have committed. The charges will be put to him when he is discharged from hospital."