Latest rain fills up some of Gauteng’s reservoirs

But while the rain has helped alleviate the situation, water restrictions remain in place.


JOHANNESBURG - The City of Johannesburg says the rain over the past few days has helped fill up some of the province's water towers and reservoirs, but warns that residents aren't out of danger yet.

But while last week's rain has helped alleviate pressure on areas affected by water shortages, restrictions will remain in place.

The city's Hilgard Matthews has once again appealed to Johannesburg residents to continue using water sparingly.

"It has given us quite a bit of reprieve and our reservoir levels within the City of Johannesburg have recovered. But I just need to stress that it should not be a licence for us to go back to our old habits. The level two restrictions are still in place."

The South African Weather Service says while cooler conditions are expected this week, the province isn't likely to see much rainfall.

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  • Residents may not water or irrigate their gardens between 6am and 6pm or fill up their swimming pools.

  • Hose pipes may also not be used to wash cars or paved areas.

  • Although water will still be available around the clock, pressure in the city's taps will be reduced.

  • If the situation worsens, more restrictions will be imposed, including supply cuts.