Idris Elba not allowed to enter SA with daughter

The actor was told he did not have the correct documents for his daughter.

FILE: British actor Idris Elba. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Hollywood star Idris Elba is the latest tourist to fall foul of the new visa requirements in this country.

Elba, who is best known for his movie portrayal of Madiba in Long Walk to Freedom, was turned back at Heathrow Airport in London yesterday.

The award-winning actor was boarding a flight with his 14-year old daughter when he was told he did not have the correct documents.

Good morning... Statement on Idris Elba's doccy screening and interviews cancellation...

The Home Affairs Department's Mayihlome Tshwete says the actor is not above the law.

"The travel requirements are quite simple and generic when applied across the bar, whether a person has a certain status or not. What we should have focused our attention on over the past year, the tourism sector and ourselves as the department, is informing people on what they need to travel to South Africa."

Tshwete says they are working with travel agencies to make sure people are equipped with the correct information.

"Our engagements are non-ending. We are still going to have difference of opinion in the future, but what we should agree on is that travelers should know what information is required of them when coming into South Africa. That is not the responsibility of home affairs alone, that's the responsibility of the tourism sector so that their constituencies are not inconvenienced. "