Flabba case: 'Manqele acted in a jealous rage'

The prosecution says the accused acted in rage when she stabbed the musician at his home in March.

FILE: Sindisiwe Manqele covers her head in court. Picture: Masego Rahlaga/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The High Court sitting in Randburg is hearing closing arguments in the trial against Sindisiwe Manqele, who is accused of murdering Skwatta Kamp rapper Nkululeko 'Flabba' Habedi.

The prosecution has told the court that Manqele acted in a jealous rage when she stabbed her musician boyfriend at his Alexandra home in March.

#Flabba Makhubela says a mere dance wouldn't have "prompted the accused to terminate someone she loved from such a tender age" DB.

#Flabba The prosecution has accused Manqele of lying on several accounts. It says she wasn't under attack at the time she stabbed Habedi. DB

#Flabba Schutter says wounds were also found to be superficial. Not serious as would be expected by type of attack Manqele described. DB

Prosecutors have also argued that Manqele overstated the extent to which her life was in danger when she claimed that she acted in self-defence.

#Flabba Schutter says Manqele said "I made a mistake". Which means she's aware of wrongfulness of actions. But she stabbed Habedi anyway.

Prosecutor Paul Schutter says there are improbabilities in the facts she presented regarding her own wounds, how a steak knife ended up in the bedroom and how much alcohol she consumed on the day she stabbed her boyfriend.

He told the court that despite her claims that Habedi used the knife to pry open a door she had locked, Manqele was actually the one who left the bedroom during the argument, later returning with the weapon.

But her lawyer Norman Makhubela says claims that Manqele inflicted her own wounds are unfortunate and they contradict medical reports presented during her bail application.

The defence has accused prosecutors of clutching at straws today, and says they haven't proven beyond reasonable doubt that Manqele intended to murder Habedi.