Simon's Town blaze 'possibly deliberate'

The vegetation fire broke out earlier this week & gutted several houses.

Firefighters battle blaze at Oatlands Holiday Resort in Simon's Town. Picture: Aletta Harrison/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Table Mountain National Parks says a preliminary investigation into a destructive vegetation fire in the Simon's Town area shows it may have been started deliberately.

The inferno broke out earlier this week and yesterday gutted several houses.

WATCH: Simon's Town fire rages on, House in Murdock Valley burns

A Murdock Valley resident says the fire was scary.

"The wind changed and it came in so fast. I can't remember who came to us and said that we have five minutes to move. And it was five minutes. We got to the car. There are only five houses there and it was burning on both sides."

Food and clothing donations have been flooding emergency shelters established to accommodate affected families.

Firefighters resorted to using nearby swimming pools to bolster their water supply.

Much of the blaze has been extinguished.