New Post Office boss to turn things around

Mark Barnes says his plan is to turn Sapo into an asset and to turn bailouts into investments.

A screengrab of new CEO of the South African Post Office, Mark Barnes. Picture: BDTV.

JOHANNESBURG - The businessman who is now at the helm of the embattled South African Post Office (Sapo) says his plan is to turn the organisation into an asset and to turn bailouts into investments.

Mark Barnes has been appointed as the new CEO of Sapo, which has seen a decline in revenue and has been crippled by strikes.

Barnes says his plan is to look at all contracts that the organisation has entered into, and to find ways to modernise it by exploring new business offerings.

"You can't fix an outdated organisation by just making it smaller and remaining outdated. You have to change it and you have to make it relevant to the current circumstances."

Barnes says he believes in growth, not restraint.

The CEO says contractors who are owed money must be paid, while some of his first steps will include taking a fresh look at all contracts the organisation has entered into and holding discussions with labour unions.

Barnes says the way to fix an outdated organisation is through growth, and he hopes to turn it into an asset that government and the private sector will want to invest in.

He says post offices in other countries have branched off into financial services to stay relevant.