Mugabe's Grace gets bottled!

Bottles of water bearing Grace Mugabe's photo were distributed to rally goers in Harare recently.

President Robert Mugabe's wife, Grace. Picture: GCIS.

HARARE - She's made a name for herself with her chocolate and ice-cream, but now Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe has added bottled water to her range of products.

Bottles of water bearing her photo were distributed to rally goers in a Harare township yesterday.

The bottles had a photo of Mugabe on, as well as the title her party has coined for her, "Mother of the Nation".

A political rally at Chishawasha Grounds in Mbare was one of a series of rallies Zimbabwe's first lady has been holding to meet her supporters.

The Movement for Democratic Change has complained about Mugabe handing out tractors in rural areas, after it emerged the equipment had been bought with a government loan from Brazil.

Yesterday, the first lady also distributed 115 tonnes of rice and 250 tonnes of maize, according to the state-run ZBC.