New York on high alert after Isis video threat

An Isis video shows Times Square along with city taxis & other locations with a man preparing an explosive.

Manhattan skyline in New York City. Picture: Wikimedia Commons.

NEW YORK - The New York Police Department says it's aware of a newly-released Isis video that makes reference to Times Square, but it maintains there is no specific threat to the city.

It's been reported the video, which was posted late yesterday, follows the terror attacks in Paris.

In what appears to be a threat directed at the US, the video shows Times Square along with New York City taxis and several mid-town locations with a man preparing an explosive device and strapping it to himself.

The NYPD says it remains at a heightened state of vigilance and will continue to work with the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Force and the entire intelligence community to keep New York safe.


Earlier this week, French President Francois Hollande called on the United States and Russia to join a global coalition to destroy Islamic State.

"We're not engaged in a war of civilisations, because these assassins do not represent any. We are in a war against jihadist terrorism which is threatening the whole world," he told a packed, sombre chamber.

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The Islamic State warned in a video on Monday that any country hitting it would suffer the same fate as Paris, promising specifically to target Washington.

Isis threatened to launch an attack on Washington, warning that America will have a day like the Paris attacks.

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