CPUT residences emptied, students instructed to go home

The institution ordered students to leave campus as it tried to restore order following violent protests.

The last of several students wait on transport after being told to vacate their residences at the CPUT amid students protests. Picture: Natalie Malgas/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) says the majority of its residences have been vacated.

This week, the institution ordered students to leave campus as it tried to restore order following a series of violent protests.

All academic activities, including exams, have been suspended.

CPUT set a deadline for students to leave while students at University of the Western Cape (UWC) have been given sometime today.

Burnt out rubble and makeshift barricades of broken glass are all that remain after weeks of violent protests on the CPUT's Bellville campus.

#FeesMustFall Latest from #CPUT regarding international, final year students. SS pic.twitter.com/PDD0MaGF4G

Dozens of police vehicles occupy campus as some students call private cabs and others flag down taxis, with suitcases and black bags of bedding in hand.

#cputshutdown empty res rooms. Panicked students say they'll rather leave than be caught in violent protests again. pic.twitter.com/QeSIscbFH2

#cputshutdown Students have enlisted help from friends, family to help them move. NM pic.twitter.com/Oa1Fr4wTNX

#cputshutdown Dozens of SAPS vehicles are already on campus. Officers ordered to remove students who don't leave res pic.twitter.com/itwcoa95Rt

Hundreds of students, tired of trouble on campus, yesterday met the institution's deadline to vacate residences amid ongoing demonstrations.

This week, the CPUT financial aid building was set alight for the second time while at UWC, a residence and security booths were torched.

Both institutions say alternative arrangements will be made for final year and post-grad students who are currently writing exams.

"We don't want to go home actually, but under the circumstances we're forced to go home because we don't know what's going to happen next, that's why we feel. We feel safe when we go home rather than being here."

University management says alternative arrangements have been made to accommodate final year and postgraduate students.