Belgian authorities begin raids in wake of Paris attacks

The sting comes after Belgium’s PM unveiled a package of new anti-terror measures.

FILE: This undated and unlocated image shows French national Bilal Hadfi, 20, one of the suicide bombers who blew himself outside the Stade de France stadium during the Paris attacks on 13 November. Picture: AFP.

PARIS - Authorities have begun six raids in Brussels which are connected to one of the suicide bombers in last Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

The ongoing operation is targeting those linked to Bilal Hadfi, who detonated an explosives belt outside France's national stadium.

The sting comes after Belgium's Prime Minister Charles Michel unveiled a €400 million package of new anti-terror measures following the Paris attacks.

While the alleged mastermind of the Paris attacks remains at large, police in Belgium have carried out raids at six addresses in the suburb of Molenbeek, where several arrests have been made.

The Paris prosecutor has confirmed the raids are linked to last week's terror attacks in the French capital in which 129 people were killed.

Last night members of the mainly immigrant neighbourhood held a candlelight vigil.

Earlier yesterday French police carried out a seven-hour raid on an apartment believed to be housing the mastermind of the attacks.

The major police operation in the area was targeting the alleged mastermind.


French President Francois Hollande has declared his country is at war.

The US has also stepped up airstrikes on the terror group's industrial base in Raqqa, Syria by striking more than 100 tanker trucks used to transport oil. Hollande spoke yesterday in the French Parliament saying the number of French air strikes against Isis in Syria will now be increased substantially.

At the same time, Hollande called on the United States and Russia to join a global coalition to destroy Islamic State.

The Islamic State warned in a video on Monday that any country hitting it would suffer the same fate as Paris, promising specifically to target Washington.

Yesterday, Isis released a new video that appears to be a threat to the US.


The New York Police Department says it's aware of a newly-released Isis video that makes reference to Times Square, but it maintains there is no specific threat to the city.

It's been reported the video, which was posted late yesterday, follows the terror attacks in Paris.

In what appears to be a threat directed at the US, the video shows Times Square along with New York City taxis and several mid-town locations with a man preparing an explosive device and strapping it to himself.

The NYPD says it remains at a heightened state of vigilance and will continue to work with the FBI, the Joint Terrorism Force and the entire intelligence community to keep New York safe.