Cops worried Krejcir might try escaping again

Police say they know the Czech fugitive has nothing else but escaping on his mind.

Radovan Krejcir waiting in the holding cells ahead of his bail application at the Germiston Magistrates Court on 8 July 2015. Picture: Gallo Images/The Times/Alon Skuy.

JOHANNESBURG - Police say they are concerned that Radovan Krejcir might escape, as he waits to be sentenced.

Sentencing proceedings were yesterday delayed yet again and will now only go ahead in February next year.

Krejcir was convicted of attempted murder and kidnapping in August this year.

Police say that they know Krejcir has nothing else but escaping on his mind and they are worried he will use this time to plot another attempt.

Earlier this year, the police foiled a plan by the Czech fugitive to flee Zonderwater Prison.

Judge Colin Lamont is furious that sentencing did not go ahead this week.

"Why did you not contact this court to say this is the problem? You never contacted by clerk, you never approached the prosecutors, you did nothing."

He has previously raised concerns about the security implications of Krecjir being treated as an awaiting trial prisoner as he has not yet been sentenced.