Maties students join workers in protests against outsourcing

The group started protesting this morning in Victoria Street, burning campus property & blocking roads.

Stellenbosch University employees are striking over wages & have blocked some roads in the town. Picture: Aletta Harrison/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Students and workers are protesting at Stellenbosch University over outsourcing.

#Maties Scenes from earlier. Angry workers are calling for an end to outsourcing. Photo credit: Lana Davids. MM

#StellenboschUni The group have now moved into the Neelsie student centre. MM

The group started protesting this morning in Victoria Street by burning campus property and blocking roads.

#StellenboschUniversity The protest has moved to the JM Marais statue where it seems a fire was made earlier AH

The group set fire to objects across campus including bins and crates.

#Maties Workers are continuing to burn objects. @MoniqueMortlock

#StellenboschUni Businesses in the centre have been closed. MM

A small fire was also started in front of the main administration building in Victoria Street.

#StellenboschUniversity Strewn on the ground; a reminder what stage of the academic year it is AH

Dozens of disgruntled workers and students have gathered in front of one of the residences, Huis Visser, and are setting debris and other objects alight.

Several workers are holding placards reading 'End Outsourcing'.

Students, including Open Stellenbosch members, have joined the workers' protest.

The university appointed a task team to look into outsourcing about two weeks ago.