France declares it's at war with Isis

US airstrikes on the terror group's industrial base in Raqqa hit more than 100 oil tanker trucks.

French President Francois Hollande (C), flanked by French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve (Rear C), French Prime Minister Manuel Valls (R) and President of the French National Assembly Claude Bartolone (2nd R), addresses reporters near the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris, early on November 14, 2015. Picture: AFP

PARIS - French President Francois Hollande has declared his country is at war with Isis after more than 130 people were killed in coordinated terror attacks in Paris on Friday.

The US has also stepped up airstrikes on the terror group's industrial base in Raqqa, Syria by striking more than 100 tanker trucks used to transport oil.

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Hollande spoke yesterday in the French Parliament saying the number of French air strikes against Isis in Syria will now be increased substantially.

"This is not a question of containing it, it is a question of destroying it."

A Parisian woman has thanked the owner of a bar near the Bataclan Music Hall for hiding his patrons as the tragedy unfolded and saving her son's life.

The venue was one of several targets in last week's attacks, where most people were killed.

Catherine Merino stopped by the establishment yesterday to express her gratitude to the owner for hiding around 40 customers who'd been watching a live screening of a France-Germany football match being played at the national stadium.

The owner was unfortunately not there at the time but his son, who didn't want to be named, accepted the word of thanks.

Three suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the national stadium while 80,000 spectators including the president, were watching the international friendly.

Speaking on French TV, Sport Minister Thierry Braillard said they wanted to enter the venue.

The president has pledged to intensify France's airstrikes against Isis, as a mastermind suspected of organising Friday's carnage is revealed to be a notorious Belgian-born extremist living in Syria.

Meanwhile, French warplanes pounded Islamic State positions in Syria as police in Europe widened their investigations.


French and Belgian officials on the hunt for the man believed to have been involved in the attacks, Abdeslam Salah, is believed to have been born in Belgium and could be as young as 19-years-old.

French police believe he helped organise the assaults with two of his brothers.

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One of the brothers died in the attacks, while the second one is under arrest in Belgium, a judicial source has said.

At the same time, authorities have issued a photograph of one of its nationals wanted in connection with the unprecedented attacks.

Police have formally named just one of the attackers: Ismael Omar Mostefai, 29, from Chartres, southwest of Paris.

He was identified by the print from one of his fingers that was severed when his suicide vest exploded.

Other suspects were also arrested following raids in Brussels.

At the same time, police raided homes of suspected Islamist militants across France overnight arresting over 20 people, and investigators identified a Belgian national living in Syria as the possible mastermind behind Friday's attacks in Paris.


Hollande has called on the United States and Russia to join a global coalition to destroy Islamic State.

"We're not engaged in a war of civilisations, because these assassins do not represent any. We are in a war against jihadist terrorism which is threatening the whole world," he told a packed, sombre chamber.

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The Islamic State warned in a video on Monday that any country hitting it would suffer the same fate as Paris, promising specifically to target Washington.

Isis threatened to launch an attack on Washington, warning that America will have a day like the Paris attacks.

In the video, bearded men warn that the US and any of its allies who take part in air strikes on Syria will be attacked like the attacks carried out in Paris over the weekend.

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