Hail storm damages at least 3,000 homes in Ekurhuleni

Yesterday’s hail storm wreaked havoc in the Etwatwa area & on a cluster of airport hangers in Springs.

FILE: The hail storm has affected thousands of people in Ekurhuleni. Picture: Tara Meaney/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - With more weather alerts issued for Gauteng

this week, Ekurhuleni Mayor Mondli Gungubele says relief aid is en

route to Etwatwa and surrounding townships where at least 3,000 homes have been damaged.

Yesterday's hail storm also wreaked havoc on a cluster

of airport hangers in Springs where up to 15 small aircraft were

damaged when the roofs of the zinc structures partially collapsed.

The hail storm has affected thousands of people

in Ekurhuleni and the mayor says they are now trying to provide assistance

as soon as possible.

"No less than 3,000 houses in Ekurhuleni have been damaged

but we are lucky as we have not been informed of any fatalities - except for a

few injuries. We are trying to mobilise what we call salvage; sheets which are

going to cover the damaged roofs while people are trying to re-organise themselves."

Daveyton and Etwatwa this evening... windows, roofs, home appliances, cars all damaged in the storm rain @TimesLIVE pic.twitter.com/z7qNtpWPMB

@TimesLIVE @City_Press @SABreakingNews hail storm damage in Etwatwa/Daveyton pic.twitter.com/Z55Z4OQxzt

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