JHB water restrictions to remain in place

Joburg Water says restrictions will be enforced even though the heatwave in Gauteng has passed.

Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg Water says even though a heatwave that gripped Gauten g last week has passed, water restrictions will remain in place as residents continue wasting the resource on gardening.

Suburbs surrounding the Forest Hills reservoir are currently experiencing water cuts and the utility says the reservoir has run dry due to a problem with the flow through the pipes.

Rand Water also says the demand for water in some areas continues to exceed the amount it is able to supply.

Joburg Water's Hilgard Matthews says, "Some users are still not changing their behaviour patterns. They are still using lots of water for their gardens. About 46 percent of domestic use is actually going towards gardening. If we can reduce that, we'll have enough supply."


The City of Johannesburg recently implemented level two water restrictions.

Officials say consumers will have to change their day-to-day water use habits.

Residents are urged to abide by these restrictions:

  • Residents may not water or irrigate their gardens between 6am and 6pm or fill up their swimming pools.

  • Hose pipes may also not be used to wash cars or paved areas.

  • Although water will still be available around the clock, pressure in the city's taps will be reduced.

  • If the situation worsens, more restrictions will be imposed, including supply cuts.