Open Stellenbosch calls for investigation into Wouter Basson

The group wants to know how he was able to give tutorials to students at facilities owned by Mediclinic.

FILE: Dr Wouter Basson. Picture:AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The former head of the apartheid government's chemical weapons programme, Dr Wouter Basson, has told Eyewitness News he's spent several months teaching Stellenbosch medical students for free and none of them have ever complained about his role as a teacher.

The Open Stellenbosch programme has called for an investigation into how he was able to give tutorials to fourth year medical students at Durbanville facilities owned by the Mediclinic hospital group.

Last year, the Health Professions Council found him guilty of unprofessional conduct, for working on suicide pills and poisonous gasses for the apartheid regime.

Basson says he can't do formal radio interviews on the advice of his lawyer, but he does say he's been teaching all the students that have come through a rotation system.

Dr Rust Theron supervised the training system.

Basson says that he carried on teaching students even after the university withdrew his accreditation, because they asked him to keep teaching them.

He says that for an hour a day, four times a week, he held courses training students.

Theron says that the training was strictly voluntary, that Basson was not paid for, and he had no official relationship with either the University of Stellenbosch or Mediclinic.