Govt to 'restructure' informal settlements after multiple fires

A spate of shack fires in Johannesburg recently has left hundreds of people destitute.

Residents have started moving their belongings into the shacks that weren't ravaged in the Msawawa informal settlement fire. Picture: Emily Corke/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Human Settlements MEC Jacob Mamabolo says government is working to restructure and organise informal settlements in the province following a spate of shack fires that left hundreds of people destitute.

On Sunday, a delegation of government of officials visited various communities affected by fires, including Alexandra and Cleveland.

Over 200 shacks were destroyed in a fire in the Jumpers informal settlement in Cleveland over the weekend.

Last week over 50 families were left displaced in Alexandra when a blaze gutted through their homes.

Hundreds more shacks were destroyed in a fire in Kya Sand last week as well.

Mamabolo says the overcrowding of informal settlements is putting a lot of lives at risk.

"We need to take control of the human factor in the informal settlements by re-ordering the current arrangements in informal settlements and re-configure the way they're structured."

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