Dawn of a new day: Maties makes English its primary language

English will be the main language of instruction & communication at the University of Stellenbosch.

FILE: Students gather at Stellenbosch University during an open dialogue to discuss issues of inclusion and exclusion on 15 April 2015. Picture: iWitness.

CAPE TOWN - In a bold move, Stellenbosch University has made English its primary language of instruction at the institution.

A revised language policy placing English and Afrikaans on an equal status at the university had been drawn up in November last year, but is only being implemented now.

This comes after months of pressure from protesting student groups such as Open Stellenbosch and the South African Students' Congress.

The movement has been calling for the dissolution of council as part of a campaign for greater transformation at the institution.

Afrikaans and Xhosa are additional languages.

In November last year, its language policy and plan was adapted.

In the months that followed, student groups protested calling for the plan to be fast-tracked.

Last night, the institution finally revealed the policy will now officially be put in place.

It looks as though Afrikaans is being dropped at Stellenbosch University ? #SATrends

Seems like everything is falling these days.This time it's Stellenbosch University dropping Afrikaans as a medium of instruction #OpenLine

Bathi the scrapping of Afrikaans at Stellenbosch University is another step towards destroying everything that works in S.A

Well Done to Stellenbosch University for the language policy.

Afrikaans has fallen in Stellenbosch University.

From the beginning of 2016, English will be the primary medium of instruction at Stellenbosch University! The Language Policy Has Fallen.

Earlier this year, Open Stellenbosch caused a stir at the university this time with the release of a documentary.

The 30-minute documentary titled Luister presents experiences of more than 30 students and a lecturer at the university.

Since its release on YouTube, the documentary already has 351,531 views.

Open Stellenbosch's Simone Cupido said the group wanted to show the public the extent of racism and exclusivity at the institution.

"For a while we've been acting in action against the university to appeal to these issues. We saw the need to draw broader attention that's why we decided to put Luister together."

In the video, 32 students and a lecturer at the institution share their experiences.