'Pretorius attack was an evil act of brutality and violence'

Judge Mohamed Ismail sentenced Sarel du Toit to life behind bars for the rape & murder of his niece.

FILE: Jasmin Pretorius. Picture: Supplied.

PRETORIA - A Pretoria judge, who sentenced child rapist and killer Sarel du Toit to a life behind bars, says it's one of the worst cases he has ever presided over, calling the attack an 'evil act of brutally and violence'.

Four-year-old Jasmin Pretorius was killed by her uncle in December 2013 and her body hidden under a bed in her father's Brakpan flat.

Du Toit pleaded guilty to both charges earlier this week.

Judge Mohamed Ismail says the injuries to Jasmin's body shows he was aggressive and the little girl died in severe pain.

"The injuries to her face, as depicted by the photographs, shows severe injuries. And it would leave an indelible impression even on the toughest soldier in the battlefield."

Ismail says du Toit's actions had a far-reaching impact on the entire family including his own mother, who was in the flat during the attack.

"In sentencing you, I am conscious that your actions impacted and had a ripple effect on other persons as well such as the victim's parents."

Family members appeared relived and hugged each other as they walked out of court.

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