[WATCH] Racial profiling row: Black pupils kicked out of Apple store in Melbourne

The store said other shoppers were worried the black pupils were going to steal.

An Apple store in Melbourne kicked out ‪three black teens, citing that shoppers were worried the trio were going to steal. Picture: Screengrab.

JOHANNESBURG - An Apple store in Melbourne kicked out ‪five black male teens, citing that the shoppers were worried that the students were going to steal.

In a video recorded by one of the students, an Apple store worker is heard talking to the three students asking them to leave the store.

Apple store in Melbourne kicks out #AfricanAustralian teens "We're just worried that you might steal something" they were told. The victims were shocked "we all owned iphones that's why we were in the store". #Racism #Racialprofiling #Apple #iphone

Posted by African Australian on Wednesday, 11 November 2015

"We're just worried that you might steal something." they were told.

The students appear shocked by the accusation and despite their protests are asked to leave.

When one of the high school students asked why they would steal something, the employee said, "end of discussion, I need to ask you to leave our store".

Apple Australia confirmed that the store's manager had apologised to the students and their school principal.

does anyone else remember that incident when they kicked the families out of @Highpoint_ cinema on Eid years back? Now the apple racism row

#Apple Store Highpoint Melbourne: "If you're black, you're a thief." https://t.co/NULbW4mb2G

Apple's excuse for its racism is that it was just a few bad apples...

#Apple https://t.co/7OL6DwH3ou