Joburg Water finally responds to Heidelberg Road water leakage

Residents have complained about a water leakage near City Deep for over three months.

Potholes caused by a water leakage on Heidelberg Road in City Deep. Picture: Oliver Barbeu on Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Joburg Water says it's responded to complaints over a water leakage on Heidelberg Road in the Johannesburg CBD this morning.

Earlier today, three people sustained minor injuries when a vehicle fell into an excavation at the corner of Piet Street.

There has been series of grievances on Twitter over the past three months, with residents complaining over numerous potholes caused by the flow.

@MyJRA Heidelberg road in City Deep is in bad shape for months. When is it getting repaired? @jozi117

RT jhbwater water problem Heidelberg Rd & Implex Rd, City Deep continues with no workers present. Fix it urgently…

@EWNTraffic traffic so slow on heidelberg road city deep because of one huge stupid #pothole that just gets bigger by the day

@lead_sa, @jhbwater, #WaterCrisis water running down Heidelberg road, City Deep, for weeks. Caused large potholes on both sides.

@jhbwater water still being wasted at leak on Heidelberg Rd Cnr Implex, City Deep. Lots of water. Huge holes in road. Whats happening there

. @MyJRA @CityofJoburgZA when are the potholes at Heidelberg Rd & Piet St in City Deep ever gonna be fixed? its been 3 months now.

The utility's Eleanor Mavimbela says contractors are on site to replace a broken water pipe.

"We will be inserting an 800mm pipe so it should be fixed in the next couple of weeks."

In the meantime, the Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) says it is aware of the damage that has been caused by the gush of water and will attend to the matter in due course.

"The JRA will be reinstating the road once Joburg Water has finished all their construction work and we apologise for the inconvenience to motorists at this current moment."

In Johannesburg, an estimated 120 million litres of water is lost annually due to leaks and wastage.