#HeatWave: Trending Tips

South Africans turned to social media to share 'expert tips' on how to deal with the current heatwave.

Picture: Temperatures hit the 40-degree mark in parts of Gauteng today. Picture: Freeimages.com

JOHANNESBURG - While the hot weather persists at a sweltering high of 40 degrees in some parts of the country, this is how some South Africans are cooling down.








👗Light, loose-fitting clothes


🍉Cold foods




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At the same time, emergency medical specialist Charl Van Loggerenberg suggests residents cool down in 'moderation'.

He says sweating is a human's most effective method for drawing heat from the body so any activity that stops one's ability to sweat may make it significantly worse.

"Fluid loss is what is allowing us to sweat and therefore draw heat out of the body so that's all part of the normal process we just need to make sure that the body is allowed to function properly."

Stick to the basics:

  • Avoid vigorous physical activity. If you need to train, go to the gym and use an air conditioned environment but dress appropriately.

  • Make sure that you stay well hydrated but avoid high caffeinated and alcoholic beverages.

  • Get some rest through the course of the day.

  • Your food intake is important. Make sure you have appropriate access to fluids and calories throughout the day.

  • Dress in loose and light clothing.

  • If you are on medication, you are going to be more susceptible to the hot weather because of your ability to control your body temperature is compromised.

Loggerenberg has also advised caregivers to look out for children and old people.

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