Scores more arrested in UJ protests

Those arrested include protesting UJ students and workers as well as Wits students who joined in.

FILE: University of Johannesburg students demonstrate outside the Kingsway campus. Picture: Gia Nicolaides/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Scores more students have been arrested outside the University of Johannesburg (UJ)'s Kingsway campus this afternoon, with the number of people now in custody being put at anywhere between 50 and 200.

They include protesting students and workers from UJ as well as Wits University students who joined the demonstration earlier today.

Students and workers have been protesting since yesterday trying to force the university to stop outsourcing, which is something officials say they are willing to do.

Thirteen workers were arrested at the Kingsway campus early this morning for demonstrating and contravening a court order.

This afternoon another group of protesters arrived, including workers and students from both UJ and Wits.

Videos and pictures have been tweeted of people being arrested and put into the back of police vans.

The university's Mpho Nhlape says they want exams to continue today.

"We will protect the rights of the students who want to write exams and respect the responsibility that their parents have sent them to us."

Police will remain on campus to ensure there are no further disruptions.

Over 100 students and cleaning staff members who were arrested are now waiting for legal assistance.

It may take some time before students and workers are released on bail after being arrested this afternoon.

Students say their protest was peaceful, and outside the campus when they were surrounded by police.

A student leader says they are now trying to assist those who are being held at the Brixton Police Station.

"We have an overload of lawyers trying to process everything so we are trying to figure out the charges are so we can bail them out."

It's understood the afternoon exam at UJ proceeded without any disruptions.