H&M apologises for racist Twitter response

The global clothing brand was recently launched in South Africa.

H&M logo. Picture: Twitter

JOHANNESBURG - Clothing retail store H&M has apologised for a social media statement that suggested its use of white models portrayed a more 'positive image' of the brand.

The retailer, which has recently landed in South Africa, was criticised on Twitter yesterday for the lack of black models in its global marketing campaign when it provided a puzzling response to the matter.

Twitter users were confused and offended by the response.

H&M want to convey the positive image of an SA without black folk. Basically.

LOL. Yes. Ah. exits

@afterthoughts pic.twitter.com/WehjGtfRMT


H&M are saying that they have white models in South Africa because they want to convey a positive image? pic.twitter.com/tJg85MNRkJ

The company has since apologised.

H&M regrets the response to a social media message that was recently aired and wishes to clarify the intention. pic.twitter.com/IybEBotudU