SACC calls for prayers for rain amid drought

The council is calling on families and churches to pray for rain.


JOHANNESBURG - The South African Council of Churches ( SACC) says the drought situation is getting so desperate it wants Sunday services this week to include prayers for rain.

The council's general secretary Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana says drought can lead to increased hunger, with the poor and vulnerable most at risk.

The council is also calling on families to devote their daily evening prayers to a break in the dry spell.

"It could work, we would all know that people everywhere in the country are praying at 7pm for the rain. They would do this continuously until we see some rain."

He says people must be extra careful with how they use water.

"I'd like to make a very special appeal to South Africans, please we can no longer use water as usual. Things are desperate."


Meanwhile, the City of Johannesburg says its decision not to implement water restrictions does not indicate a reluctance to address the effects of the current drought on residents.

Joburg Water officials say they are still calling for responsible water usage, but will not be enforcing control measures.

However, they are warning that if hot and dry conditions continue stronger action may have to be taken.

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