'The Daily Show' delighted with Noah’s performance so far

Noah has been credited with attracting the millennial audience, with a rise in the show’s digital viewership.

FILE: A screengrab showing South African comedian and new host of 'The Daily Show', Trevor Noah.

NEW YORK - As Trevor Noah heads into his second month as host of The Daily Show, Comedy Central says it couldn't be happier with his performance so far.

The South African comedian took over from Jon Stewart in September.

As far as traditional television ratings go, viewership for the first month of Noah's tenure as host has gone down 37 percent among total viewers, compared to Stewart's final quarter.

But the South African's seen growth in other areas; 40 percent of the show is being consumed via digital platforms, ten percent more than his predecessor.

Comedy Central says he's attracting the millennial audience the channel said it wanted to appeal to.

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