Zuma slated on Twitter for 'praising' Cassper

Social media users mocked Jacob Zuma’s hip-hop knowledge & teased him for ‘tripping over numbers’.

Cassper Nyovest sold out the Ticketpro Dome on 31 October, 2015. Picture: Twitter @MbalulaFikile.

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma has been slammed on Twitter for sending congratulatory wishes to hip-hop artist Cassper Nyovest, who #FilledTheDome in Northgate on Saturday.

Zuma today joined millions of South Africans who congratulated Nyovest for the sold-out #FillUpTheDome concert at the 20,000 capacity venue.

The rapper made history by becoming the first local artist to do so.

In the short statement, the president extended praise to Nyovest for filling up The Dome "without the assistance of any international act."

I'm not concerned about Zuma congratulating Cassper Nyovest. Im more concerned about Zuma typing 20 000 without flaw pic.twitter.com/GmO6mL5K08

But Twitter users just didn't feel the president's warm message.

They teased him for 'tripping over numbers', mocked his understanding of hip-hop music and even compared his 'lack of action' during the #FeesMustFall protests to how quick he was to congratulate Nyovest.

Can our president Jacob Zuma tell us how many people attended @CassperNyovest concert tonight pic.twitter.com/uoc1KMBOr8

Ayo @CassperNyovest I declare 31st of October as 'Be Inspired' public holiday! I think Zuma will sign the documents.

@CassperNyovest went gold in 3hours whilst A.K.A went gold in a year n months if u try to convert that to hours Jacob Zuma can't pronounce

No doubt that President Zuma will honour cassper Nyovest with that highest honour medalforgot its name

Students were attacked by violent police and Zuma ignored that. Kodwa he was quick to congratulate casper nyovest.Injani nha lhe president?

What Jacob Zuma can fill up real quick like Casper Nyovest: Resignation Form. @Spar_Letta

LOL! RT @LikwidNomana: Nelson Mandela & Thabo Mbeki both have Rugby World Cup titles. Jacob Zuma has Cassper Nyovest. Ehh...mok then.

"President Jacob Zuma joins the masses in congratulates Cassper Nyovest" can he please say how many people filled up the dome hahahaha

Jacob Zuma and Cassper Nyovest have

something in Common so I'm not

surprised they cheering each other up !