ISS slams police brutality incident in Krugersdorp

This comes after a 32-year-old was caught by police following an alleged attempted robbery & shot dead.

A screengrab from a video showing a police officer shooting criminal Khulekani Mpanza in Krugersdorp.

JOHANNESBURG - The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) says there's no excuse for the behaviour of a police officer who deliberately shot and killed an unarmed suspect in Krugersdorp on the West Rand.

Two weeks ago, Khulekani Mpanza (32) was caught by police after an alleged attempted robbery and then shot dead while lying on a pavement.

The incident is now being investigated by police watchdog Ipid, but questions are being asked about why some police are conducting themselves in this manner.

Ipid has recommended that that action be taken against the officer involved.

The institute's Johan Burger says the shooting in Krugersdorp is very different to a situation where officers make a split second decision.

"Here the police officer had all the time in the world to consider his actions after the suspect fell after the first shot, he was already incapacitated."

At the same time, Burger concedes that there are a number of emotional reasons that should be considered.

"There is a lot frustration amongst police officers… The fact that so many of their colleagues die every year as a result of criminal action."

The ISS has also raised concerns about why police officers didn't react or try to stop their colleague.

Burger says police should show a level of professionalism and, in this instance, the officer had ample time to consider his actions.

"What is [as concerning] as the shooting itself, is that the other officers [were] standing around and they [took] no action to intervene and to stop this particular constable."

The suspect had opened fire at police officers before being chased and shot, but the ISS says the shocking CCTV footage doesn't show that he was a threat to the police at the time.

Still images of the CCTV footage were first published by the_ 'Sunday Times'._