Egyptian officials recover two black boxes from Russian plane crash

Over 224 people were killed when a Russian airliner crashed into Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula yesterday morning.

Egyptian ambulances line up at Kabret military air base by the Suez Canal on 31 October 2015, after victims of a Russian airliner that crashed in the Sinai Peninsula were brought to the base before being transported to a morgue. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Egyptian officials say they've recovered two black boxes from a plane crash that left more than 224 people dead, most of them Russians.

The airliner went down in the mountainous Sinai Peninsula on Saturday morning, shortly after take-off from a resort in the region.

The jet was en route to the Russian city of St. Petersburg.

CNN's Ian Lee says, "Egyptian officials as well as Russians have ruled out foul play so far, saying that it's likely a mechanical issue. This despite Isis allegedly claiming responsibility for downing the plane."

Meanwhile, a make shift memorial site has been erected at Pulkovo II International Airport in St. Petersburg.

CNN's Nic Robertson says, "From what we understand now, the government is providing the families with psychologists, we're told there are 65 psychologists on hand. We're also told that 115 different people have already given DNA samples to help with the identification process."