Masiphumelele activist behind bars urges community to be peaceful

Lubabalo Vellem’s case was postponed to Monday much to the community's disappointment.

Masiphumelele residents have gathered outside Simons Town Magistrates Court in support of community activist Lubabalo Vellem, who has been accused of murder after he allegedly assaulted a man in his community who later died of his injuries. Picture: Thomas Holder/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A Masiphumelele community activist who is currently behind bars for his alleged involvement in a spate of mob justice attacks in the area has pleaded with the community to refrain from violent protests.

Lubabalo Vellem made his second appearance in the Simon's Town Magistrates Court yesterday following his arrest last week.

His case was postponed to Monday, making this the second weekend he's spending behind bars, much to the community's disappointment.

Vellem's arrest saw several days of violent demonstrations with residents saying they're forced to take the law into their own hands due to a lack of adequate policing in the area.

A supporter says he's praying for Vellem's release.

"I feel pain because the way they arrested him wasn't good because what he was doing we were all doing as a community. We cleaned up the community from drugs and rapists and now they want to judge."