Mixed reaction over EcoMobility Festival

The City of Joburg will today release statistics on how successful the initiative was.

EcoMobility cycling sign in Sandton. Picture: Mia Lindeque/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - There's been mixed reaction about this month's EcoMobility Festival in Sandton, where motorists were encouraged to abandon their vehicles and use alternative modes of transport.

Dedicated public transport lanes were implemented, park and ride facilities established and bicycle and walk lanes built.

Today, the City of Joburg will be releasing statistics on how successful the initiative was.

A snap survey about how people have been affected by EcoMobility month has shown that there are mixed views.

One woman said EcoMobility is about changing one's behaviour but one month isn't long enough.

"It worked a little bit because I see most people walk & cycle."

Another woman said traffic congestion has become worse.

"It has its perks, but has created a lot more congestion, horrible! And all of these bloody lanes that they've reserved are actually empty. Like I've seen maybe one person cycle since the festival has started."

But some believe it can get better and that using alternative modes of transport will help, in the long term.

"Soon or later we won't be having too much traffic."

The city says it hopes that lessons will be learnt from this initiative to ease congestion in Sandton in future.

(edited by Leeto M Khoza)