Masiphumelele residents gather outside court

Police are keeping a close eye on the group who want community activist Lubabalo Vellem freed.

Masiphumelele residents said they have had enough of crime in the area. They have gathered outside Simons Town Magistrates Court in support of community activist Lubabalo Vellem. PictureL Lauren Isaacs/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Several police officers are monitoring a large group of Masiphumelele residents who've gathered outside the Simons Town Magistrates Court.

#Masiphumelele Chanting continues while residents wait for news from inside the court. LI

They are showing their support for a community activist, arrested nearly two weeks ago, in connection with a spate of mob attacks in the area.

Police are keeping an eye on the crowd of Masiphumelele residents.

They're brandishing posters reading "Bail Must Fall" and are wearing t-shirts reading "Free Lubabalo" and "Vellem is not guilty".

Many have threatened further violent protests if Vellem is not released on bail.

Masiphumelele has been the scene of sporadic protests in recent weeks over poor policing.

#Masiphumelele Police watching peaceful group. LI

However, the township is quiet this morning.


The Deputy Police Minister said a mobile police station will be set up in Masiphumelele in an effort to try and curb violent protests and to improve policing.

Minister Maggie Sotyu said the mobile police stations in Masiphumelele and Brown's Farm are a short-term solution to reducing crime in the areas.

Residents have called for better policing in the area.

The ongoing protests are having a devastating effect on businesses according to owners and staff.

The Fish Eagle Business Park along Kommetjie Road is situated about a kilometre from Masiphumelele.

The complex, which includes about 60 commercial units, was targeted by protesters recently.

A bus was set alight and palisade fencing was damaged.