Trevor Noah: My mom gave me the best advice

‘The Daily Show’ host says his mom gave him good advice about hosting the show.

Trevor Noah. Picture: GCIS.

NEW YORK - Trevor Noah says his mother gave him good advice about hosting The Daily Show.

The South African-born comedian has been at the helm of the flagship comedy central show for a month now after taking over from Jon Stewart.

In an interview with another late night star, Jimmy Kimmel, Noah said his mother helped him best describe the experience of hosting The Daily Show.

"It's like for months and months I was pregnant and that I knew I was going to have to one day give birth to this thing. Then people would judge me on how I raise it and how I treat it. But in the end, I would be proud of it and some days, I would hate it with all my heart."

The Daily Show has been off this week, airing reruns and returns next week.

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