Suspected cop killer dies in shootout

A constable was gunned down in his car at a primary school in Khayelitsha on Tuesday night.

Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The arrest of two hijacking suspects last night led to the discovery of late Constable Nkosiphedule Makeleni's stolen firearm.

Makeleni was gunned down in his car on the premises of a primary school in the Harare area of Khayelitsha on Tuesday night.

Last night, a hijacking victim reported the ordeal to SAPS. Soon afterwards, the suspects were apprehended by police and the vehicle retrieved.

While the police were processing the arrest, they were approached by two other suspects in a VW Caddy, who opened fire.

Police pursued the suspects to the Harare area, where one occupant was shot and killed.

The Caddy was searched, which then led to the discovery of the two firearms.

While the circumstances of the incident is under investigation, police say they have reason to believe the suspects were responsible for Makeleni's murder.

The police's Andre Traut said, "Two occupants of a VW Caddy opened fire on police and after a pursuit to the Harare area, one of the occupants was shot and killed."

One of the suspects is still on the run.