‘Govt should cover 80 percent of funding shortfall’

UCT’s vice chancellor Max Price says it’s government’s responsibility to bridge most of the funding gap.

UCT vice chancellor Max Price sits amongst students as he listens to their complaints outside Jameson Hall on 22 October 2015. Picture: Abed Ahmed/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The University of Cape Town's vice chancellor says government should cover 80 percent of the funding shortfall resulting from a no fee increase next year.

Max Price today briefed the media about recent developments at the institution, the zero percent increase decision and insourcing workers on campus.

#FeesMustFall Price says UCT will insource 6 outsourced services including cleaning and campus security. MM

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Last week, President Jacob Zuma announced " target="_blank">fees will not be increased following widespread protests and violent demonstrations in support of the Fees Must Fall student campaign.

Price says the university landscape has changed dramatically in a week.

#FeesMustFall Price says he supports free education for the poor or those who can't afford it, but can't support free education for all. MM

He says the change is long overdue as he's been calling for a fee subsidy for years.

Price says it is government's responsibility to bridge most of the funding gap resulting from a zero percent fee increase.

"I hope we'll get [up to] 80 percent. If we get 80 percent, we can make a plan."

He adds they are looking at ways to help address the looming funding shortfall by lobbying alumni and wealthy parents to help poorer students.

Meanwhile, the Higher Education Ministry will push to finalise a plan to finance university shortfalls during a meeting today.

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