Ses'khona warns WC govt of violent protests

The organisation says they’ll protest if govt doesn’t respond to their grievances within 30 days.

Ses'khona march vows to bring more supporters and cause chaos in the CBD if their demands aren't met. Picture: Anthony Molyneaux/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - The Ses'khona People's Rights Movement has warned of violent protests if the Western Cape Government does not respond to service delivery grievances within 30 days.

'We are here to tell Helen Zille our problems are still the same and there are no solutions from govt', says Lili. SF #SeskhonaMarch

Less than a hundred protesters marched to the Western Cape Legislature in Cape Town today demanding better service delivery in their communities.

A heavy police presence guards the entrance to the legislature where demonstrators gather to hand over a memorandum.

#SeskhonaMarch WC govt housing official signing the memorandum. SF

They are demanding the Western Cape Government attends to their grievances.

Ses'khona's leader Andile Lili says if government does not respond, they'll be forced to take action.

"We came here today, peacefully, with no intention of any fight in the CBD but once we come in thousands, it means that we have a problem. Failure to attend to our problems, Cape Town will be in a mess."

Another demonstration is planned for the end of November.

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